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Yuko Hair Straightening System


Yuko Hair Straightening System smoothes curly, dry, unruly hair permanently with a revolutionary straightening system.

It is a complicated process that not only straightens and revitalises healthy hair but also rejuvenates damaged hair. The chemical process locks in essential nutrition through heat oxidation. It first neatly breaks down the bonds connecting the proteins that make up the hair, then applies a new shape to the hair while it is malleable, and finally restores the hair’s protein bonds to fix it in the new shape. This revolutionary system is not a traditional straightening perm.
How Yuko Works
People’s bodies carry a tiny amount of electric charge that runs through them at all times. Both systems reorganize the electrons. During the chemical treatment, the electrons react with the heat treatment causing better chemical reaction - ionization and atomization - thus allowing the properties of the hair shaft to become atomized, negatively ionized water permeating, hence largely increasing the ability to absorb proteins and restructure the cells within the hair. The treatment includes using both ‘Repair’ products and a special iron at a high temperature of 356 degrees F in order to deliver nutrition such as collagen, keratin and silk proteins deep into the atomized water permeating the hair shaft to repair the hair and then to fix the new shape permanently, leaving the hair silky and healthy.

Both an unconventional idea and a breakthrough in the art of hair straightening, the Yuko Straightening System actually uses the hair's small amount of "living body electricity" to cut off the hair's cystine bone, reshaping it to appear straight. This goes against the notion that straightened hair is damaged hair: the result is hair that can breathe from a lack of coating, and a hair shaft that is rejuvenated for the first time. If desired, the Yuko process can be reversed to obtain natural curls again.

Why Is Yuko Hair Straightening Expensive?

The products used for the Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment contain valuable elements such as Collagen Protein, Cellulose Protein, Elastin Protein, Silk Protein and many more others. They are usually oil-based proteins and are mostly found in brand name cosmetic facial repair creams. However human hair is unable to absorb oil-based proteins. The special laboratories of the two systems invested very heavily to transform these oil-based proteins to become water-based proteins in order to be absorbed into the hair during the Permanent Hair Straightening Treatment. This transformation is a very complicated process and adds costs to the products.

The process carried out as above is very labour-intensive – it amounts to about 5-6 hours of intensive application of proteins/straightening products, monitoring and ironing the hair so that the valuable water-based proteins can be absorbed into the centre of hair shaft through heat-oxidation.



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